this record is a bit out of character, as I am usually more into making music as simple and pure as possible. Not that I don’t like proper arrangements. It’s more my impatience that forces me to get things done quickly. But most important: I am simply not skilled enough to play all these beautiful instruments I constantly have in mind when I think about some lovely harmonies and melodies. Well, somehow this little record turned out to be the first one full of childish musical experiments I wanted to realize for a while.
 As I loved this breathing sound of a cello since I was a little boy, I ever wanted to make a record with some lovely cello lines. Lucky me that I met the very talented Sebastian Selke by coincidence. I showed him a few of my recordings and asked him to just improvise a few takes along them. The result is simply wonderful. Warm and mysterious. I loved Sebastian's sound from the first moment on. To make it a principle for this record, I invited my good friend and awesome musician Philipp Friesel to jam along my sketches and experiment a bit with his guitar and some pedals. He came up with these charming rhythmics and wonderful textures I couldn’t have realized that easy with my own instruments. We talked a bit later, and I told him that I would absolutely love to finally have a groovy brass player improvising a few notes to one of my tracks, and he said: „No big deal! My brother could do that job.“. So, we showed the track to Jonas Friesel, and he played the most amazing flugelhorn improvisation I could imagine for this piece of music. That boy really lost his mind! 
You can hear all these guys together, including me, on the second track of side A. This track then delivered the album it’s title as well. For me, every single one of these elements represents a part of my musical preferences. A result of my listening experiences so far. Compared to the visual world, these elements would most likely be my BASIC COLOURS. 
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release: December 3, 2021
artists: Edward Sikorski, Sebastian Selke, Jonas Friesel, Philipp Friesel
recording, mixing: Studio B
mastering: The EmU